Over Posting on Social Media Can Decrease Followers

How often to post on Facebook

By: Paige Strott

Quality over quantity is essential in reaching audiences on social media. In fact, over posting on social media is the number one reason users unfollow brands.

One or two brand posts per day receives 32% higher “like” rates and 73% higher comment rates when compared to posting three or more times a day.

When trying to promote a brand or increase engagement on social media it is tempting to flood followers’ news feeds with tweets and posts. This becomes adversely effective when users inevitably get tired of seeing so many posts from one brand.

Over posting can not only lead to the brand being ignored, but in addition, many users will choose to end their engagement with the brand entirely if they are tired of seeing too many posts.

An ExactTarget study asked consumers why they unlike brands on Facebook and 44% said it was because the company posted too frequently. When asking Twitter users why they unfollowed a brand 52% said that the content was repetitive or boring. Content that is fresh, engaging and visual is the best way to engage audiences, but most importantly it should not be done too often.

We also want to deter brands from putting up the same posts on Twitter and Facebook; those who are most interested in the brand likely follow both and they will become annoyed with the repetition of identical posts. They are also very different mediums so the language and content should be personalized to each medium for more eye-catching posts.

It is important to keep in mind what you want to see on your Twitter and Facebook feeds when you are posting. No one likes when they are overwhelmed by brands, but engaging and stimulating content can truly improve your brands reach and its image.

Photo via Constant Contact