Lisa was very helpful in building my confidence as a public speaker and
she made a significant impact on our players, particularly helping
our younger players in forming their own strategies concerning the media and fans.

Manager, Tampa Bay Rays 

We're a very intricate organization, plus we expect an absolute sense of respect
for these properties, and the people who have lived out their lives in them.
Brock Communications has dealt with all of this aplomb. Lisa has sound judgement
and an understanding of the market, she has great contacts AND is great deal of
fun to work with!

Head of Public Relations, Historic Royal Palaces London 

Lisa has the uncanny ability to bring out the best in whatever she does. She treats
the media with respects and that's why we respect her. I respect her judgement, work
ethic and the imagination she brings to her work.

News Anchor, NBC affiliate 

Brock Communications has managed media relations for the Honda Grand Prix of St.
Petersburg from the first year and done so in a very professional manner. We have
experienced tremendous media exposure with the help of Brock Communications.

VP and General Manager, Andretti Green Promotions 

Lisa has helped advance the Foundation in a very focused way; she and her team
are service oriented and accountable. Brock Communications knows the non-profits
world and they have really helped us take things to the next level.

The Warrick Dunn Foundation 

Having worked with Lisa on a prior crisis case, I was able to watch her work under
pressure. That situation provided insight to her professionalism, experience and
results oriented methodology. We recommend her with a high degree of confidence.

President & CEO, The Sembler Company