Public Relations: Developing plans and programs for various constituent groups.

Strategic Communications: Communicating concepts and processes within organizations that meet the overall strategic goal.

Crisis Communications: Using critical thinking to protect and defend an organization, company or individual facing a public challenge.

Media Relations: Maximizing positive media coverage by building relationships and working with various outlets to inform and showcase an organization, company or individual.

Speech Training & Coaching: Preparing clients for public speaking through high-caliber exercises and resources.

Communication Audits: Helping clients determine how various constituencies see them and how to improve those communications.

Internal Communications: Assessing and assisting internal communication planning and development ideally before a crisis or issue.

Crisis Planning: Counseling c-level executives, performing site inspections and developing strategies that will build or improve in the event of a crisis.

Litigation: Working with legal teams or individual lawyers to ensure strategy is supported.

Writing & Editing: Adhering to the Associated Press style guidelines when writing and editing press releases, media alerts and media pitches.

Press Release Distribution: Increasing online visibility and media buzz through press release distribution and services.

Publicity: Managing and promoting an organization, company or individual by not waiting for real news to present itself, but rather by creating it.

Social Media & Analytics: Communicating with constituent groups, reaching target audiences and analyzing social media metrics.

Web Design: Planning and creating website images, text and interactive elements to produce web pages.

Search Engine Optimization: Improving clients’ visibility by working organically with web algorithms.

App Creation & Development: Optimizing mobile content and extending a client’s brand through app development.

Creative Concept & Art Direction: Guiding clients through the art development process by offering graphic designs and standards.

Advertising: Communicating and persuading an audience to take action on ideas, services or products.

Branding & Rebranding Development: Establishing a new brand or re-booting a current brand by developing and creating a new brand strategy.

Culture Change Management: Assisting businesses and organizations as they work to develop new and innovative strategies that help them compete while also transitioning or managing change across multiple platforms. Affected channels may include operations, market forces, quality standards, technology upgrades, human resource management, customer demand, economics, industry standards and/or other dynamics. We work to help clients determine how to develop and organize cultural change strategy and create cascading communication plans to achieve the desired outcome. .

Managing Change: Managing change is increasingly a way of life for organizations faced with economic, technological and cultural forces. We help leaders confront basic questions regarding the organization’s technical, operational, organizational and cultural foundations, and help them lead in a more organized, transparent and positive manner.