My sister Nancy was a source of tremendous inspiration for me. Sadly, at too young an age, she lost her life after complications that resulted from her battle with Multiple Sclerosis. Upon her death, her husband, David Liddell, made a decision to honor her by awarding a scholarship through the Kiwanis Club, where he served as Kiwanis Governor and where Nancy also invested her time and talents.

It is fitting because as a young Florida State University undergraduate, Nancy often sent me money that was sacrificial for her. She was a young working girl, supporting my goal of a college education and probably ignoring some of her own needs to do so. Every time Iā€™d open her letter, the check would fall out and I knew that because of her generosity ā€“ my dream of becoming a college graduate (the first in our family to do so) would truly be realized. She valued education, and she made sure I had that ā€“ though she was never able to finish the degree she worked on, a class here and there, for years.

Nancy was eventually blessed with a doting and loving husband, and they built a life together that included both sides of their extended family. Until her final day of life, Nancy inspired me with her open mind, enjoyment of lifelong learning and particularly her many acts of love for me that supported and nourished my upbringing & education. There is no finer way to pay tribute to her than through this scholarship ā€“ which has been invested to live in perpetuity.

High School Key Club members in good standing are invited to apply for the $500 annual scholarship by submitting a 1500 word (maximum) essay describing how the scholarship will aid their quest for higher education. The student will be given stronger consideration if there is an association with Multiple Sclerosis or other verifiable neurological diseases. Additionally, the student must have a written recommendation by an educator that speaks to the readiness of the student for higher education and their service to others. Submissions, which should include the essay and letter of recommendation should be emailed to

Essays must be submitted by January 15 and will be announced in March at the Annual Kiwanis Convention.

Donations to the scholarship are also welcomed and checks can be made out to Tampa Kiwanis Foundation, with Nancy Liddell Scholarship written on the memo line, and should also be mailed to 3413 W. Fletcher Avenue, Tampa, Florida 33618.