Farrukh Quraishi

Farrukh Quarishi

Iranian born and London raised, Farrukh Quraishi is a retired professional soccer player and veteran public relations executive. After retiring from his professional playing career in 1981, Quraishi led the public relations management of Caspers Company, the largest McDonald’s franchisee in the southeastern United States. Intricately involved in the business, charitable and sports community for more than 30 years, Quraishi joined Brock Communications in 2003.

Highlights of his career include his role as Venue Executive Director for World Cup USA 1994 in Orlando, Florida, the first ever held on United States’ soil. Hailed as one of the finest managed facilities of the tournament, Quraishi worked closely with city, county, state and federal government officials to stage the world’s most televised event and bring the global project to a successful close. With security as a heightened issue during the international tournament, Quraishi’s public relations skills helped mitigate the ‘hooligan’ hysteria often portrayed as a partner in the ‘world’s game.’

His extensive experience includes broadcast color commentator, crisis facilitator and manager, non-profit board management and development, strategic planning and management, and technology projects. Quraishi’s profile in professional soccer has offered many opportunities as media spokesperson on the national and international level as well as a role as trusted adviser and strategist for U.S. soccer clubs. Quraishi serves on the Warrick Dunn Foundation board of directors and has earned numerous awards such as The General Magistrates’ Award from Guardian Ad Litem.