Expectations for my summer internship at Brock Communications

ExpectationsBy: Olivia Kresic

I recently finished my sophomore year at Florida State University, during which I was accepted into the public relations major in the School of Communications. At the time, I knew very little about PR and I decided that the best way to learn more would be to immerse myself in the industry. I am thrilled to have an internship at Brock Communications that allows me to steal a glimpse into what PR is all about.

There are several aspects of PR that I hope to experience during my summer internship here at Brock Communications. The first of these is
learning how a public relations firm functions as a whole. I’d like to learn the different aspects of the firm, what each job position brings to the table and what constitutes a significant skill set. Having some perspective will help me discover what my strengths and weaknesses are, ultimately helping me determine a specific career path.

Secondly, I’d like to learn more about building a strategy. A significant amount of PR involves relying on strategy to communicate with others and to tackle issues, some of them nuanced and difficult. Seeing the strategy-building process firsthand will allow me to prepare myself for a career in communications.

I also would like to learn how to write concisely for public relations. I am beginning to learn that in communications, it is important to communicate efficiently. To be specific, I don’t have any experience with press releases, so I’d like to learn how writing and editing press releases should unfold. It would also be interesting to see how mission statements are drafted. A large part of writing concisely is paying attention to detail, and I’d like to learn which details to include and which to omit.

Overall, I look forward to the learning experiences I have ahead of me, and I’m grateful for the opportunity Brock Communications has given me.